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Discover the Most Popular Apps to Track Your Baby’s Heartbeat

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If you’re pregnant or know someone who is, you know how the experience can be exciting and, at the same time, full of uncertainties.

One of the most anticipated moments during pregnancy is listening to the baby’s heartbeat, a tangible proof of the miracle of life inside the womb. Fortunately, technology offers a series of apps that make this monitoring even more accessible and exciting.

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In this article, we’ll explore some of these apps that not only allow you to track the baby’s heartbeat, but also offer additional features to make the pregnancy journey more comfortable and informative.


  • Apps complement, but do not replace prenatal medical care. The health of both the mother and the baby is a priority!
  • Use the apps responsibly and follow the instructions provided by the developers.

Now, let’s get to know some of the most popular apps for listening to the baby’s heartbeat:


With FetalCare you will have a recorder and monitor of your baby’s heartbeat on your cell phone. Best of all, fetal heart rate monitoring can be done at any time of the day and anywhere. See below its main features:

  • Trend statistics;
  • Fetal movement recording;
  • Listen and share your baby’s heartbeat;
  • Relaxing pregnancy sounds;
  • It helps to detect problems early with the baby.

baby's heartbeat

Listen to the baby’s heartbeat
Fetal care is a smart App for FHR monitoring and data management.
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Angel – Baby heart beat

Share your baby’s heartbeat with your loved ones easily! The Angel app allows you to record the sound of your baby’s heart and filter the noise to give the real sound of the heartbeat. Check out other features of this charming app:

  • Record your special memories;
  • Share with your friends and family;
  • Tracking the baby’s movements;
  • Listen to your favorite music;
  • It does not use any communication such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cell phones.

baby's heartbeat

Listen to the baby’s heartbeat
Angel – Baby heart beat
Listen to your baby’s heart beat in mom tummy with Angel app. It’s a wonderful experience that can be done at home.
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My Baby Heart Sounds App

Hear, record and share the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat with just your iPhone at hand. My Baby Heart Sounds is a quick and easy way to live this wonderful experience using your cell phone.

The app has two versions, free and premium. With the free version you can listen to the sounds of your baby’s heart as many times as you want, as the number is unlimited. The Premium version offers a more complete experience for users, with exclusive features:

  • Create unlimited audio recordings of special moments and memories;
  • Mark locations to remember and visualize where there are best chances the next time you want to listen to your baby’s heart;
  • Recordings made can be shared via email, texts and other social media applications;
  • Store recording outside of the app on your device or in external storage apps;
  • Configuration and support tutorial.

baby's heartbeat

Listen to the baby’s heartbeat
My Baby Heart Sounds App
My Baby Heart Sounds is a quick and easy way to use your iPhone to listen, record and share your baby’s heart sounds.
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Lastly, we have this app that allows you to record and track the health of your pregnancy while monitoring your baby’s heartbeat. This way you can get closer to your baby and monitor how he is growing as the weeks go by. Furthermore, the app offers interesting features to make the experience even more complete, check out some of them:

  • Access to one of the most popular mom blogs;
  • Tips and daily information about pregnancy;
  • Record and share the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat;
  • Baby development images and baby size viewer;
  • Shot counter;
  • Reminders of items needed during pregnancy;
  • History of previous recordings.


The baby heartbeat monitoring apps not only offer a convenient way to track your baby’s health but also provide exciting and memorable moments during the pregnancy journey. With a variety of features and functionalities, these apps are indispensable for all future mothers who desire a more comfortable and informative pregnancy experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Are baby heartbeat monitoring apps safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes, the apps mentioned in this article are designed to be safe and reliable for use during pregnancy. However, it is always important to consult your doctor before starting any new monitoring or treatment regimen during gestation.

2 – Can I share my baby’s heartbeat with others using these apps?
Yes, all mentioned apps offer the ability to share your baby’s heartbeat with friends and family. This allows you to share the excitement of pregnancy with the most important people in your life.

3 – Do the apps offer technical support in case of issues or questions?
Yes, most apps have technical support available to assist users with issues or questions. You can contact the support team directly through the app or official website.

4 – What are the device requirements for using these apps?
Device requirements may vary depending on the specific app. However, most apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Be sure to check the system requirements before downloading the app.

5 – Are these apps free or is there any cost involved?
All apps mentioned in this article offer a free version with basic functionalities. However, some features may require an upgrade to the premium version, which may have associated costs.

Posted and reviewed Ana Apps on 12/05/24
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