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The Importance of Sleep for Baby Development

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If you are in sweet waiting, surely someone must have already told you to take advantage of every minute you have available now to rest, since when the baby arrives it will become a whole challenge. The sleepless nights will certainly be quite frequent.

Soon, when the baby is born, it requires all our attention and care so that it has a healthy development. And for this to happen, baby sleep is also an important part of this development.

Thanks to it, brain development maturation, modulation of the immune system, release of hormones important for growth, consolidation of memory and attention, among others.

If the baby’s sleep is very fragmented, waking up on several occasions during the night, its development may be compromised and even breastfeeding.

When the little one does not have quality sleep, the tendency is to get tearful and irritable, which can directly reflect on breastfeeding.

Usually babies up to 3 months of life wake up at least 1 time in the night to suck. After this period, they tend to be able to sleep longer at night, as they start to breastfeed before going to bed and only wake up the next day.

But, not all babies are the same, so if yours isn’t like this, don’t worry.

As we can see, sleep is essential for the healthy development of the baby. Discover the continuation, the importance of baby sleep and learn tips to help you sleep well.

Each Baby is a “World”

Parents should not compare their baby to others. Each human being is in a different way, and in the case of baby sleep, the same thing happens.

It is essential that you begin to observe and get to know your little one, this will help in the sleeping process. Observing your habits and routine will be of great benefit.

Therefore, pay more attention to how he calms down more easily and even what signs of sleep he gives, whether it be scratching his eyes, yawning, losing interest in toys or moving his body more. According to these signs, you will act according to your needs.

That’s why it’s so important to respect your baby’s individuality, and not compare him with others who may be different.

When the baby gets enough sleep, he wakes up satisfied and happier

As stated above, each baby is a “world”, that is, some need to sleep more hours than others.

Some sleep 12 or 14 hours a night, and maybe you wonder: how can I know if he is satisfied with the duration of sleep?

That’s a good question, and the answer is quite simple. When the baby’s sleep is satisfactory, he wakes up with a lot of energy and willingness to play and observe.

He doesn’t cry, is interested in breastfeeding or even wants the attention of those who are taking care of him. All these signs indicate that the little one has had enough sleep.

When this does not happen, the child wakes up crying, irritated, and as if to say, does not care about anyone.


Baby’s sleep lull (Source – Google)

Tips to improve baby’s sleep

  • White noise: In recent times, many parents have resorted to this feature to reassure, calm and even muffle external noise. To use this tool, just download some of the many apps found in your phone’s app store.
  • Sleep ritual: It’s important to create a routine for the baby, so he will know that after some activities during the day, it’s time to sleep. This also makes the little one feel more secure.
  • Relaxing bath: The bath doesn’t have to be just for hygiene purposes, the same thing if it happens at night it can relax and slow down the baby’s rhythm. Thus leaving you ready to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Place to sleep: Whenever the baby goes to sleep, whether it’s time for an afternoon nap or night sleep, put him in the crib. Thus, little by little, he will learn that this is the sleeping space. When the child sleeps in the lap or suckling, whenever he wakes up at dawn he will seek this type of stimulus.
  • Appropriate environment: The ideal is to prepare a pleasant environment so that the baby can sleep more easily. Leave the room with more subdued lighting, with a pleasant temperature, and preferably no noise that could disturb. All this will certainly provide peaceful nights sleep for your child.

In order for your baby to have quality sleep, take care of your routine very well, from the time the little one wakes up until the time of bedtime. As well as their food and recreational activities.

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